• 1. Shopping Cart
  • 2. Thumpage generator
  • 3. Easy Page Update
  • 4. Auto Email Lists
  • 5. Links to Submit to Search Engines
  • 6. Web Scripts to choose from.
  • 7. Flash Mini Programs
  • 8. CSS class generator
  • 9. Page Templates
  • 10. Text Database for Shopping Cart
  • 11. Or Mysql Database
  • 12. Demosite to view any changes you make before you apply them to your site.

The great feature of this Website Builder is the use of keywords integrated in the shopping cart, thumbnail page generator, and template creator. It allows the user to set their site to any system that they use now or in the future by making templates with the desired extentions. You add or remove keywords which you desire for templates you make or acquire from other sources, which means the keywords that make perfect sense to you.

You can integrate with any system that uses web pages of any text type. It records the file extention (php, html, xml, xhtml).

As I find useful web scripts and have permission to create generators for them they will be added to the scripts archive. You will recieve an automatic update to recently added scripts.

One more feature is the design of your site can change. You can select a different design for christmas or any occasion. You input the dates for the design change and select the design in the styles menu. Yo can also practice making you own design on the demosite.

Way to earn income for Developers

If you have web script that you would like to add please contact me at I write the installation script for your script (Not always easy!). All your rights are retained in the script and 100% of your price will be paid directly to you. A small percentage for advertising will be added to your price. You will be emailed everytime your script is transferred to client. I need good scripts. Please contact me! Flash MX scripts and swfs are wanted too!