LWP Uploader
Download LWP_uploader
  • 1. Upload 1 or all images in a directory
  • 2. Send commands from the command line
  • 3. Send upload progress to a socket
  • 4. Zip contains perl source code
  • 5. Zip also contains exe, and dlls from Perl2exe
  • 6. This script took about 3 days to write.
  • 7. If you want to send me a little donation it's appreciated
  • 8. Or you can link to my site at perlygates.net or microwebber.com
  • 9. Paypal email paypal@perlygates.net
  • Example how to use the exe or perl script
  • open a command promt window

    cd to the directory of the uploader and type

    uploader http://siteThatHasScript.net/cgi-bin/theirscript.cgi C:\uploadAllImages &inputname1=inputvalue1&inputname2=inputvalue2 2001 1

    This will upload all the images in the directory, I allowed only for jpg and png
    To change this you need to alter the script and recompile it. Or contact me if you need help to do this at admin@perlygates.net

    2001 is the socket # and it will exit the script if there is not a socket listening on the machine the script resides on

    Sockets are great for output to another progam that has executed the exe. You can send the bytes sent to a progress bar.