Script in action: Necklaces
The viewer is written in Flash MX, the latest technology for web applications. The installation files are written in perl. The Perl program will retrieve Fthumbs.swf from and write all the data files and images necessary to make as many thumbnails pages as you want. It has a memory data file so you can change any item easily without retyping your info all over again. No need for resizing pictures to fit. The program does everything for you. The script allows you to upload your images or you can type the url to an image on the web. The image will be transferred and renamed. Resizing is done after it loads into the Flash Player. You can also insert a link for each larger image. The link can include dynamic javascript variables.
Setup Time?
No cd's to wait for. Upon payment you will be emailed 3 perl installation files. It takes about 10 minutes to create a thumbnail page. It's good to have all your pictures and descriptions ready to paste or upload by placing the images and caption information all in one directory. The form will ask you where you want to make the thumbnail page and what colors you would like the viewer to be. How many pictures you want. Then just type in the caption, a link, and upload a image for each picture OR type in a pictures web url address. Click finished and the link to your new page is on your site. You can add any html you like to your new html viewer page. All html is recorded. So you only have to enter it one time. Suggested basic html is also provided for reference. Add keywords and descriptions to the meta tags easily. Change any caption or picture easily.
Cost is only 15.00 for all the thumbnail pages you can make!
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