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If your job is too tedious or needs personal attention I'm here to fill in the gap. Whether it's scripts that need adjusted, adding function to your site, or starting from scratch. For an estimate email me.

I have experience in many web languages.
I'm able to design and code software for the web or the desktop. My passion is for bringing new ideas to life. If you have a dream you want to make a reality please send me an email at for a quote.

Below are a few of my large projects.
I've also written many small scripts to enhance the user experience. These scripts include Mysql databases, web search, and upload recieving scripts. I am experienced in cross site scripting.

OMG! I have a sport! Thanks to my moms buddy who wanted me to drive him to drinking! LOL
When I saw horses running all I could think of was how fast, and which way is the wind blowing.
However I'm not the gambling type! I do have values. I love these horses, hate the whips, and respect the good people that work with them, and adore those who are trying to protect the thoroughbreds.
But the bottom line is a losing game is no fun. So I made a way to tell if I'm losing or not. That's what the gameboard is all about. To spend only $5 at the track to get a handle on what your doing. To practice play in the past races till you discover a strategy to win. So join in the fun if you want. The first race at each track every day is free. The rest require a subscription. I've learned how to make $$$ off that first race. But it's a secret! Every one keeps their own strategy to themselves.

This is an xml driven tree for flash, written in Actionscript 3. When flash professional was upgraded from as2 to as3, the tree component was deprecated. One of my applications depend on this component. So this solution was in the todo list. And it's finally done!

When I started coding in perl cgi files I wrote several small scripts. Then I started writing a site builder which comprised of several ways to decorate and manage a website.

It's a window component I made for web applications in Actionscript 3. My application is for the desktop and also can be ran in the browser, so I needed freedom with my own functionality! This skin is fully changable, and I plan to make docking icons with sticky edges. I think I will post this one on the exchange.

The Craft Board allows a user to manipulate items they place on a canvas. These items can be added to a shopping cart. I've created a new Look with wood panels that slide in and out when clicking on the wood frames. There are 3 more panels to complete before the download is posted.

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