An applet is a miniature program written in the JAVA language, which is displayed within a browser.

Writing applets is for people who don't want to be limited to the bounderies of static web pages. Although static pages have changed with the introduction of javascript, there is still the problem of different browsers not displaying in the same manner as your browser. You won't have that problem when writing applets. Also, the plugin they need to view your applet will be loaded automatically when you use the HTML converter. The converter simply inserts code into your Applet tag which points to the plugin file at web site, and adjusts the code for all browsers to view the applet correctly.

Use the Applets Tutorial after you have learned the basic syntax of JAVA. (Look under Tutorials / JAVA for the tutorial.) There's no shortcuts to learning, but there are some types of code that you don't have to learn to write simple applets. Just make sure you know the basics. Importing classes, declaring variables, passing parameters to methods, variable scope, etc. If you don't understand something right off hand, don't worry. My experience has been that a light will come on later if you set the problem aside, and continue on using the examples given.

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